AEY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER is a professional vehicle maintenance and repair service company with a fully equipped Workshop that uses standardized state-of-the-art diagnostics and complete service machines and equipment to examine and determine automotive problems; delivering top quality and affordable, repair and maintenance services through highly skilled and certified mechanics and technicians, placing premium on prompt delivery. AEY Automotive Service Center, located at Tesano in Accra, behind the police station; adjacent Penwood Hotel- provides a one-stop shop for maintenance and repairs of vehicles of all kinds, leveraging our well-stocked warehouse that stores genuine parts of all types providing an assurance of excellent service to our customers. Among other services, AEY provides routine maintenance services, vehicle diagnosis, injector service, air condition service, vehicle spraying, engine repairs, electrical service & programming, general body works, recovery services and GPS tracking for vehicles of all types. AEY Automotive Service Center completely as an edge operates a 24/7 Mobile “ Workshop” Van service which brings maintenance and repair services right to your doorsteps at virtually no extra cost. With just a phone call, we can have your vehicle towed to our Workshop for fixing, should you have a breakdown. Our highly skilled and certified technicians and mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is repaired and restored to its original state, and back on the road with no hassle. In partnership with TOTAL, AEY Service Center runs Lube Services at some selected fuel filling stations in Accra, with a future objective to expand into other cities in Ghana.


Our mission is to become a leading player in the Automotive repair and maintenance industry in Ghana through the provision of top quality services at highly competitive rates; adopting the highest professional standards to ensure customer satisfaction, with a steady and consistent growth in profitability by continuously developing our team of skilled professionals for an assurance of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Our desire for excellence in service delivery, finds expression in the following commitments: • Constant improvement of our general processes and efficiency in executing jobs. • Ensuring customer involvement in resolving problems and engendering teamwork amongst staff; in a safe and comfortable working environment. • Continuous professional development and capacity building for all our staff. • Stocking genuine parts of a wide variety of car brands and models in our on-site warehouse. • Competitive pricing for all our maintenance and repair services.


Our Vision is to see our company positioned as a premier automotive maintenance and repair services organization with steady growth and expansion, which will see us having presence all across Ghana and beyond; with the reputation of being a customer-centric auto services company excelling in providing world class automotive services to all manner of vehicle owners with highly competitive pricing.


AEY Automotive Service Center offers a wide range of automotive services; covering lube, Oil and filter services, minor and major repairs, towing/breakdown recovery, supply of genuine parts, vehicle spraying, general body works, injector services, electrical and air condition services, alarm and GPS tracking systems, Engine and gear box repairs among others. Our Values • Quality • Convenience • Reliability • Customer Satisfaction

Fleet Customers

The Automotive Services Fleet management system offers business owners, or their managers, an effective cost saving and management tool. We provide detailed reporting and cost-control parameters for preventive maintenance as well as car was services.

Battery & Emissions Testing

From Energizer to AC Delco, we deal with the best. With a minimum one-year warranty on every one of our wide choice of batteries, Get ahead of the game with our high-tech emissions testing to ensure your car passes regulatory tests.

Oil & Lubrication

Your car requires regular change of oil, at particular mileage intervals, to enhance its performance, cleanse the engine and maintain its life-cycle. Many components of your vehicle that also need adequate lubrication to function optimally. Our technicians are ready to make sure everything is in order.


Tyres will always experience wear and tear, however, Ghana's climate can be particularly harsh on rubber. We collaborate with the best in the business to bring you the very best in terms of safety, quality and after sales thus we are proud to call Pirelli and Dunlop our Partners in the Tyres category.

Wheel & Steering

Using the latest in wheel alignment diagnostic technology, our technicians can ensure your wheel alignment is as precise as the day your car rolled off the delivery line. Let our technicians make sure that experience is as smooth as possible, and your suspension is stable and strong.


You need to be able to rely on your brakes each and every time you use your car. Our brake experts will make sure they're in tip-top condition and guide you on how to keep them that way in between services.


For us to ensure quality in delivering on jobs, we don’t compromise on the quality and genuineness of spare parts. As a matter of policy, we only use genuine and original parts to service or repair vehicles that come to our workshop and service bays because our customers trust us to deliver quality at all times. We have a well-stocked warehouse that stores spare parts of varied vehicle brands and models, to avoid delays owing to the unavailability of parts. If at any point in time, a part requires any repair job is not in stock; we have a procurement system that allows us to leverage our relationships with major parts suppliers in Ghana to secure the parts without affecting the delivery time. Beyond this, we also do order parts that are difficult to find on the Ghanaian market, from source and have it shipped within a period of 10-15 days. There are several line items in our on-site warehouse for both routine service and repair works; including oil filters, brake pads, spark plugs, A/C Filters, Wiper Blades, Batteries, Air Filters, Coolants, Sealants, Fuel filters, washer fluids among others. We are also a BOSCH Official Distributor

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At AEY Group, we pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs. As a result, our priorities will always be: Your Cars: We understand they mean the world to you! Your Convenience: AutoPro locations are second to none and most workshops are open 24/7. Our Services: We ensure you receive the best possible quality service. Our Authenticity: Nothing but the best will do. We guarantee authenticity of all parts.

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AEY Automotive Service Center, located at Tesano in Accra, behind the police station; adjacent Penwood Hotel- provides a one stop shop for maintenance and repairs of vehicles of all kinds, leveraging our well stocked warehouse that stores genuine parts of all types providing an assurance of excellent service to our customers.